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Methods2Business demonstrates it's Wi-Fi HaLow™ IP solution on Mobile World Congress 2017

Methods2Business demonstrates it's World first Wi-Fi HaLow™ IP solutions for Access Point and Station on Mobile World Congress 2017 together with our partner Cadence. Be sure to visit us in the Cadence booth where you will be able to see live demonstration of video surveillance and smart home sensor use cases over Wi-Fi HaLow™ link. Our Wi-Fi HaLow experts will be there to introduce to you benefits of Wi-Fi HaLow™ technology and answer on all your questions.

Be sure to check if the Wi-Fi HaLow™ is the right choice for your next IoT project.

The licensable Methods2Business Wi-Fi HaLow™ IP targets SoC designed for battery-operated sensor nodes in smart home, smart city and industrial applications.

To schedule a meeting with us, please contact us at

We look forward to meeting with you at MWC 2017!

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