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Breaking News - Wi-Fi Alliance launched certification start of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED HaLow™

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Austin, TX – November 2, 2021 – Wi-Fi Alliance® introduces Wi-Fi CERTIFIED HaLow ™– the certification program for products incorporating IEEE 802.11ah technology – to expand Wi-Fi® applications for the Internet of Things (IoT). Wi-Fi HaLow™ operates in the sub-1 GHz band, enabling long range and low power connectivity, while providing a robust connection in challenging Wi-Fi environments. Wi-Fi HaLow will enable a variety of new, power-efficient use cases for IoT and Industrial IoT (IIoT) environments, as well as retail, agriculture, healthcare, smart home, and smart city markets.

Methods2Business provides interoperability test bed devices and is among the first to receive a Wi-Fi CERTIFIED HaLow™ certificate for it's Access Point and Station Reference Designs.

Marleen Boonen, CEO and Founder of Methods2Business, stated in Wi-Fi Alliance press release: “Methods2Business is proud to play an active role in the availability of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED HaLow. Our company is excited to be one of the Wi-Fi HaLow certification test bed providers. Wi-Fi Alliance is delivering great value to the industry, enabling us to develop one of the first certified, interoperable, Wi-Fi HaLow products. Our customers believe that Wi-Fi HaLow will play a substantial role in the revolution of Industrial IoT and IoT for the Smart Home. It will serve these rapidly emerging markets with its unique advantages of a longer range (more than a kilometer) Wi-Fi with ultra-low power consumption and high security standards.”

Full Wi-Fi Alliance press release can be found here.

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