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Learn about the different uses for our Wi-Fi HaLow™ technology

Green Ivy from the Roof

Agriculture & Horticulture

Combination of various ICT solutions like the Internet of Things, sensors and actuators, robotics and big data are rapidly changing modern agri- and horticulture. From city farms, over green houses and livestock farm to large fields application of these technologies are endless.

Thanks to a large amount of useful data that can be obtained by using reliable, cheap and easy-to-install, farmers are incorporating highly productive ways to raise livestock and cultivate the soil.

Wi-Fi HaLow™ enables connecting thousands of sensors over a large area and bringing their data directly to a cloud. In combination with low power consumption profile of Methods2Business’s Wi-Fi HaLow™ clients, multi-year battery operation of these sensors is enabled.

By deploying Wi-Fi HaLow™ networks, farmers can benefit from new application like remote equipment monitoring, remote crop monitoring, predictive analytics for crops and livestock as well as livestock tracking and geofencing


Retailers are adopting IoT solutions across a number of applications to improve store operations, reduce theft, increase sales, enable precise inventory management, and most importantly enhance the consumer’s shopping experience.

Wi-Fi HaLow™ enables these applications by connecting hundred thousand nodes directly to back office from where retailers can analyze customer preferences, trigger timely ordering to avoid out-of-stocks, update prices and refill empty shelves.

Moderate data rate provided by Methods2Business’s Wi-Fi HaLow™ clients enables download of a promotion videos from back office to interactive screens in a shop.

By deploying Wi-Fi HaLow™ networks, retailers can benefit from new application like Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL), sensor-based items tracking, optimized inventory management and live customer preference analysis.

Refrigerated Goods
Warehouse Shelves


Having the right product at the right time at the right place and in the right condition are well known main requirements in logistics. Demand for optimizing supply chain management is one of major driving forces for the development of IoT solutions. Just a single warehouse can have hundred thousand pallets and tracking and tracing of these pallets is still a big challenge that need a solution.

Methods2Business’s Wi-Fi HaLow™ solutions can provide connectivity of thousands of small, battery power pallet tags to back office, allowing live monitoring of location, condition and status of every pallet.

By deploying Wi-Fi HaLow™ networks, logistics can benefit from better inventory tracking, tracing and analytics, optimized warehouse workload, storage conditions control and predictive maintenance.


Smart wristwear, smart clothes, fitness and medical wearables are promising to bring exceptional value to our lives and become a new fashion along the way. Methods2Business’s Wi-Fi HaLow™ solutions promise reliable, secure and battery friendly connection of these devices to the Internet.

Thanks to the moderate data rate of Wi-Fi HaLow™, software updates over the air are possible, enabling that your wearable will always run latest, most secured software.

By using Wi-Fi HaLow™ networks, wearables users can benefit from direct Internet connection and in cloud data storage, multi-device data exchange, controlled software updates as well as from optimized battery utilization.

Modern Digital Watch
Monitoring Room


Bringing sufficient throughput over a larger area for wireless security cameras and sensors is still a challenge for the most of wireless technologies of today. With wider channel bandwidths in Sub-GHz domain that can carry Mbps of data, Wi-Fi HaLow™ promises a robust and secure wireless connection of wireless cameras and sensors to the surveillance system.

With Methods2Business’s Wi-Fi HaLow™ high end client and access point solutions, covering of large parking areas, around your house and backyards as well as covering streets will no longer be a problem.

Home Automation

Did I leave an oven on? Did I close a window, it looks it is going to rain again? I again forgot to turn off my sprinkles in a garden. Home automation is promising to solve all these problems.

With Wi-Fi HaLow™ solution all devices inside the house, but also all devices around house can be connected to the cloud through secure and reliable wireless connection.

Moderate data rate of Methods2Business’s Wi-Fi HaLow™ solutions enables connection of home surveillance system in a single system of the home automation.

Fabric Machinery in Factory

Industrial Automation

The smart factory is an environment where machinery and equipment are able to communicate between them and can improve processes through automation and self-optimization.

To achieve this, industrial applications require robust and secure wireless communication of large number of connected devices in difficult environments.

Methods2Business’s Wi-Fi HaLow™ solutions can deliver all of that.

By deploying Wi-Fi HaLow™ solutions, industry can benefit from production line remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, remote device configuration and control, cloud-based data storage and analytics as well as factory wide coverage.

Process Automation

Very high safety, 24/7 operation, robust data delivery, difficult environments, these are just some of requirements that process automation is putting for deployment of wireless technologies.

Methods2Business’s Wi-Fi HaLow™ promise a robust and secure wireless connection of large number of devices in a very difficult environments with a lot of metal.

By deploying Wi-Fi HaLow™ solution, process automation industry can benefit from safety plant operation through predictive maintenance and self-diagnostics as well as improved productivity through maximizing assets management.

Preparing for Blood Test


Modern healthcare is facing a lot of challenges, their services are costlier than ever, global population is aging, and the number of chronic diseases is on a rise.

Internet of Things solutions promise to make a change here. Many personalized healthcare devices are already developed, and Methods2Business’s Wi-Fi HaLow™ solutions enable connecting devices through secure wireless network to the Internet, enabling doctors live monitoring of the patient’s health conditions and aging at home.

By deploying Wi-Fi HaLow™ solution, healthcare can also benefit from hospital environment conditions monitoring as well as optimized hospital asset management including pharmacy inventory and equipment.

Wireless Audio

Voice over IP (VOIP) and wireless speakers are both compelling Wi-Fi HaLow™ applications.

Wi-Fi HaLow™ provides sufficient bandwith for high-quality audio experience in wireless speakers and has enough range for long distance Voice over IP conversations.

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