Methods2Business at DAC 53 in Austin TX, June 6-9

Posted by marleen on June 6, 2016

53dac_logo_home.pngDAC 2016 | Austin, TX | June 5-9

Visit us in booth 1138 of Aegis-IP in the IP Paviljon at DAC in Austin, TX June 6-9 2016

Watch our presentation and poster session in the IP track on Tuesday, June 7, 4PM, Ballroom G

High-Level Synthesis Enabling the Design of a Scalable Wi-Fi HaLow™ IP Product Family for Boosting IoT

Speaker: Dejan Dumic, Methods2Business

Farhad Mighani, Adapt-IP

DAC 2016 | Austin, TX | June 7 | IP track

Watch our presentation in the Cadence Theater on Wednesday, June 8, 4PM

SystemC-based design and Xtensa® DSP technology leads to innovation

 in Wi-Fi HaLow™ IP for IoT

Speakers: Marleen Boonen, Nemanja Kondić

DAC 2016 | Austin, TX | June 7 | Cadence Theater