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Handsome Senior Man
Handsome Senior Man

Marleen Boonen

Founder & CEO






Our Technology

Wi-Fi HaLow™ Technology

Wi-Fi HaLow extends Wi-Fi in the sub-GHz domain to provide superior IoT connectivity to smart devices over long distances with minimal power.
The new Wi-Fi standard is based on the IEEE802.11ah standard which is an integral part of the 802.11 standards family.

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Methods2Business Wi-Fi HaLow™ IP Portfolio

Today M2B is ahead of market in offering fully functional 802.11ah MAC and Baseband IP for Wi-Fi HaLow™ chips.

  • Methods2Business develops fully integrated MAC and Baseband solutions for Wi-Fi HaLow chipsets. The portfolio covers scalable solutions for sensor-type stations, non-sensor-type stations and access points.

  • M2B IP portfolio covers clients (stations) and access points which is essential for rolling out the technology in the market

  • M2B USP is the scalable IP architecture optimizable for lowest power consumption in battery operated devices (e.g. sensors) or highest throughput in high-performance clients (e.g. surveillance camera’s)

  • M2B developed unique, fully automated test environment for capturing, monitoring and analyzing Wi-Fi HaLow™ traffic in a wireless network and running IEEE 802.11ah compliancy checkers on connected devices under test.