Welcome to Methods2Business

Founded in 2010, Methods2Business is a totally new, internationally oriented European design center building the next generation semiconductor Intellectual Property (IP) products for Wi-Fi™ communication in modern electronic devices. The company is headquartered in Eindhoven, the Netherlands and has an engineering team in Novi Sad, region Vojvodina in Serbia.

Besides a passion for design methods and first time right IP products, Methods2Business also has a strong sense for collaboration. The company has strategic partnerships with big players in EDA  and collaborates with like-minded, but non competing IP providers to jointly demonstrate in 2015 the first Ultra Low Power Wi-Fi™ 802.11ah IP solution enabling the IoT.


By using Cadence world class EDA tools and a unique, but proven SystemC-based design methodology and flow, Methods2Business engineers build the full hardware and software of extremely complex Wi-Fi™ IP products in extraordinarily short periods of time. The approach not only furnishes high quality products that can enter the market quickly, but also easy to customize products for dealing with late spec changes or for offering customers the ability to differentiate their end products.



Latest News

  1. Methods2Business presents twice at CDNLive EMEA 2016 in Muenich and exhibits in Cadence IP booth

    03 May

    Wi-Fi HaLow™ with Xtensa® Fusion® DSP, Automotive track on May 2nd - SystemC-based design with Xtensa® Fusio…

  2. Methods2Business and Adapt-IP create Aegis-IP

    23 Nov 2015

    Aegis-IP is created to support the line of Wireless Connectivity Solutions of Methods2Business and Adapt-IP.

  3. Methods2Business and IMEC-NL formalize their collaboration to realize ULP 802.11ah IP solution

    21 Sep 2015

    Methods2Business and IMEC-NL sign an agreement to formalize their collaboration on Ultra-Low_Power 802.11ah Wi…

  4. Methods2Business becomes Cadence IP Partner for Tensilica

    07 Aug 2015

    Cadence and Methods2Business sign Engineering Services Partner License Agreement for IP development on Tensili…

  5. Methods2Business is presenting in the OneSpin Theater at DAC (June 9,2:45PM; June 10 11:45AM)

    09 Jun 2015

    Methods2Business CEO Marleen Boonen will talk how their SystemC-based design flow for building upcoming Wi-Fi …

  6. Methods2Business is presenting today in the Cadence Theater at DAC

    09 Jun 2015

    Methods2Business will present their advanced SystemC-based design flow to build the hardware and software of t…


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